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About Rolfing® Structural Integration (SI)

RolfingWould you like to experience a greater sense of vitality and well-being? Then Rolfing SI is for you. Rolfing can resolve pain and discomfort from many different causes, including those related to the lingering effects of accidents, illnesses, trauma, repetitive motion injuries, surgery and aging.

Rolfing treats the whole person, seeking to maximize each individual's well-being. In this whole-body approach, the Rolfing Touch is fundamental, affecting your body on many levels – physical, perceptual, emotional and psychological. The Rolfing Touch is a skillful, precise, manual technique that can help your body reach a higher level of order and integration with your surroundings.

Rolfing’s ability to effect sustainable and lasting change, even where other approaches have had limited success, makes it a valuable addition to modern health care.

Rolfing® SI Sessions

Once you have contacted a Rolfer™, a phone call or meeting is typically scheduled to discuss your needs and objectives, and to share how Rolfing® SI can help you. At that time, the Rolfer may then propose a series of 3 or more sessions, usually lasting 60 to 90 minutes, and spaced 1 to 3 weeks apart.

A traditional Rolfing series involves 10 sessions, each unique and building upon the results of previous ones. The cumulative effect of the Ten Series is a comprehensive exploration reawakening and revitalizing the entire body.

Sessions include posture and body observations, hands-on manipulation, and movement education that will enhance awareness and transfer this awareness into the activities of everyday life. Explorations in breathing, sitting, standing and walking often bring about new insights, leading the client to greater body perception and creating an opening for relief from restrictive body patterns and pain. Most importantly, the Rolfing process enables the body to regain the natural integrity of its form.

Expanding Your Rolfing® SI Experience

After completing your basic Rolfing series, follow up sessions can be scheduled to address ongoing conditions where periodic visits prove helpful; or simply to expand and refresh the feelings of awareness, learning and integration your body has experienced. These sessions should be scheduled allowing time for the body to adjust to the initial basic series; the timeframe could be several months to years afterwards.

Eventually, you may want to complement your Rolfing SI experience with Rolf Movement™ Integration, where client exploration occurs through guided movement sessions . Practitioners with additional training in movement studies lead these sessions. Alone, or in combination with traditional Rolfing SI sessions, they can be used to enhance performance in daily activities and athletics, or to restore effective functioning after injury, surgery, accidents or repetitive motion strains.